Free iTunes Codes July 2014

Free iTunes Codes July 2014




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Flexible AMOLED panel rumoured on iWatch

iWatch Concept images

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You may have to wait longer than you expected to get your hands on apples iWatch. A new rumour from DigiTimes is suggesting that a supply partner has been picked for the iWatch display called TPK. Another rumour from ChinaTimes suggests that TPK will being mass production of the display in the second half of this year meaning we probably won’t see it until the 2014 holiday season at the earliest.

Rumours from ChinaTimes also suggest that the display will be flexible, so it may look something like the concept images above. So what do you think of this rumour tell me in the comments below. Also dont forget if you want a free iTunes code just check out the tutorial.

First leaks of the iPhone 6

This is probably our first look at the design of the iPhone 6, as you can see from above it feature a unibody aluminium body a design feature which apple has used in other products such as the Macbook pro, this should give a tough durable body and allow apple to make it even thinner, this also gets rid of the glass back which many of you may be pleased to hear.

The design is very similar to that of an iPod touch with the rounded corners and curved back. For more info check out 9to5mac, also if you want a free iTunes code for you current iDevice check out the homepage. Tell me what you would like to see in the new iPhone below.